What to Look for in a Re-Cladding Service?


Houses get old and then they do get susceptible to leakages, that part is normal and expected but there are times when she to bad building materials used or building codes not being followed; houses can suffer untimely leakages. Leaky homes are stressful and so one needs to get the job of recladding done as soon as possible.

What should one look for in a recladding?

  • Good Communication: People who understand that moving out of a house or putting it in the hands of a completely new group of people who will be responsible for its longevity or not, is stressful. So they need to be able to provide regular updates regarding what’s happening.
  • Building council process: They will have to be dealt with and the process is stringent with reclads and also carry out extra inspections. It is time consuming as well. But finding experienced services who will do the grinding will be hassel free.
  • Quick to respond: As stated, the council has rigorous regulations and rules on leaky homes being reclad and so it means that they will be looking into the plans submitted more carefully. Any revisions being done will quickly have to be complied with and done quickly. So choose a company which possibly outsources such work as it will also mean that they know when to do it themselves and when to delegate it.
  • Good quality caftsmanship: Workmanship matters in here since the house’s future is in the hands of the carpenter who will be carrying out the work. The person in charge will have to make sure that the house faces no further leakages and so quality matters here.
  • Accurate price estimates: Providing the exact numbers will be difficult for builders who are not in the field for too long because they can’t really understand the extent of the issue till the cladding is removed. But choosing experienced building companies will allow you to know a more accurate price estimate so that you don’t suddenly find yourself in a sticky financial situation later on.

Where are these services found?

Services like residential renovation design in Auckland are common but they should be easily found in the respective local areas.

What are the various wall cladding types?

It includes:

  • Fibre cement
  • Weatherboards
  • Plywood
  • Concrete
  • Masonry veneer
  • Metal

What are the potential problems of Monolithic Cladding?

Houses which have this form of cladding have a high risk of leaking and have problematic features like:

  • Wall cladding which are in contact with the ground.
  • Roofs with narrow or no eaves
  • Multiple Storeys
  • Recessed windows
  • Decks or balconies which protrude out from the walls
  • Concealed or enclosed gutters
  • Untreated kiln-dried framing timber susceptible to rot

All of it will lead to bad damage and leaky conditions which will be more harder to repair and reclad.

The bottom line of it all is that no matter the building company being hired, it is important to make sure that one is armed with all types of possible knowledge before jumping into the work.