Adult Dyslexia – The Truth

As an adult who has Dyslexia it has been a real challenge to understand it. As a young child I was diagnosed with dyslexia as it was affecting my schooling.


My personal challenges included not being able to track text on a school black board and write it in to my notebook. Not to mention my handwriting was terrible.


I feel I was one of the lucky ones to be diagnosed. I always remember when my parents told me that I was Dyslexic and what it was that I said ‘ At least I know I am not stupid’.


In my quest as a 33 year old adult to find out the Truth About Dyslexia. It has been quite some journey.


You see the belief from the wider public is that Dyslexia is just a reading, writing, math disorder. That can’t be fixed, but managed. It is what I always thought.


Once I left high school I stopped even thinking about it. My mother had always said I can be anything and do anything and not to ever hold myself back because of it.


Although I love my mother and her intentions were great. Hiding from the fact that I was an Adult Dyslexic did not really help.


It lead me on a journey of self discovery that seemed to never be fulfilled. I suffered greatly. Always trying things but never finding what I was looking for.


It was not until my father – who is also dyslexic(that is a whole other story) pushed me to seek out a specialist that I was able to find the truth.


What I learned was that Adult Dyslexia is far more than a reading or writing challenge it is so much more.


You see Dyslexia is a way that your brain works. You are using the visual aspect of your brain for a lot of what you do. It effects words and numbers as you don’t recognise symbols the same way.


What it also causes is you to not be able to deal well with sequences, words that do not have a physical representation (e.g. you can picture a dolphin, but try picturing the word responsibility), as well as having significant challenges with time, past, present and future.


Now I always tried to put it down to my personality type. Finding excuses for it until the penny dropped. That aha moment. The more I have studied adult dyslexia the more I have realised how average the understanding is.


If you want to watch something funny on Dyslexia – There is a great youtube video called the Dyslexic Sperm Bank – By the team at Made By Dyslexia which was set-up by Richard Branson.


It talks to the poor understanding of Dyslexia and the terrible misconceptions that exist.


The Truth About Dyslexia really is that if you are not managing it, it can lead to lack of purpose, anxiety, poor social relationships, different levels of addiction (I have tried many of them) and the one that I was the least aware of which was living in my head to escape reality.


It was like I had no backbone and would use anything you could imagine to escape reality e.g.


  • Alcohol
  • Day Dreaming (it is an escape from reality)
  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • Television
  • Social Media
  • The list goes on….


Now I am not saying other adults without dyslexia do not still do the above. But as a Dyslexic it can eat all of your life up. I realised at one point I lived for addiction that was all I cared about. Nothing else. I worked to fuel my addiction and so I could go back in to my minds virtual reality.


The imagination of a Dyslexic is so so powerful as it is your key way of interpreting information.


To give you and idea of why I class this as one of the key points that challenged Dyslexics is that it allows us to create false rabbit holes we get lost down.


Let’s look at an example.


One night I was playing Fifa on Xbox 1 – One of my favourite escapes to switch off reality. I can 100% get lost it in and I do.


My girlfriend decides to walk past the screen in the middle of a key moment without letting me know.


It frustrated me and I spoke out. In that split second my mind went on to create a world where she did not care about me, she doesn’t care about what I care about, she had been planning to do stuff like this to piss me off all the time.


I took one small effect in reality to build a story in my head that was not real. But to me it was.


The Truth about my Dyslexic reality was that the story I visualise, drove emotions in me, which lead to a reaction.


All this happens in a split second. Let’s just say we fought for a good day or 2 on something so so petty.


This happened to a 33 year old man. Not a 15 year old with a reading disorder.


This is where In my opinion Adult Dyslexics get a really poor break. You do something like this, your partner thinks your just an asshole – but they don’t realise what is under it.


Why did it actually happen. Did I mean to jump at her? No but did I Yes.


It is kind of like a mental tourettes it seems sometimes.


This is just a little taste of my experience so far learning about my own dyslexia. I hope it helps you get a grip. I hope it helps you want to discover more on The Truth About Adult Dyslexia.


Every step you take you will get closer to freeing yourself of the anxiety you have had all your life.